New Client Content Management System

I've just about finished my new content management system for my clients websites. The whole point of this new CMS is to simplify the process of updating the site content for my clients.

The CMS is developed in a modular manner, meaning that I can added different modules, depending upon the clients requirements. Below is a short video illustrating the CMS, and the drag-drop features I've built into it.

The main advantage of this system is that it is completely scalable. The amount of pages/subpages is infinite, and the amount of drill downs you can go is infinite too. I've developed a catalog manager, which is basically a 3 tier product system where using the pages would not be an ideal solution.

Using the catalog manager, you can have products either by a single level category, 2 levels, or the full 3 levels. This system will also eventually have an ecommerce plugin too; making it a complete solution!

I can now develop individual plugins depending upon client requirements, but the next plugin to do is the blog. This will basically plug into the current Articles section, but will allow for comments.

What can be done with it?
Add, edit & delete pages.
Unlimited pages, and unlimited page hierarchy
Add, edit & delete news articles
Add, edit & delete testimonials
Complete product listings, including categories & sub categories
Uploaded media, including images, video and documents
Reference / tag uploaded media on all pages
Add, edit & delete staff details
Create gallery lists and associated images. Call these galleries in all pages
Add, edit and delete header sections, including scrolling images/text
Complete control over site settings including email, contact details, page SEO details (meta tags)


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  • Looks awesome! How far have you got left to go?

    Cheers Richard,

    It's not far from being complete (to a point). Already running on 3 sites, but I'm going to be adding different plugins as time goes on. Events management, image galleries etc.

    Got some bug fixing to do too!! Only minor, but it does have some in IE7, IE8 and opera, but luckily, only slight layout issues with the widgets panel and a couple of other small ones.



    Reply by: Craig

    08 April 2011:16:18

    Posted by Richard Havelock