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A couple of videos illustrating responsive design

I've started work on a new client site which is to be fully responsive i.e. it's layout will adpat to various screen sizes, from large desktop, through tablets and mobile.

05 November 2012:15:32

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What a lovely surprise

Had a lovely surprise today when I recieved an email from a new client saying he'd written an article about me, and posted it on his own website!

10 August 2011:21:15

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Web design & development for Leeds based Ice Signs

I'm thrilled to have been appointed by Leeds based Ice Signs to redevelop their aging website. The sector Ice Signs work in is very competitive market, and a high quality, professionally designed website is a must. A great deal of potential clients will want to view a portfolio before asking a company to pitch for a potential project; unfortunately, their current website does not reflect the caliber of work Ice Signs produces, therefore putting clients off at the all important initial stage.

07 July 2011:11:28

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New sunderland based web design client

UntiedShoes has been chosen to redevelop Sunderland based Rio SunTanning's new eCommerce website. As well as developing the new website, we have also been asked to look at their current branding, which includes a new logo.

11 June 2011:18:28

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A couple of new web design clients

I'm currently working on a couple of new web design projects, and thought I'd release some initial design concepts that have been done for them. Both will be using my new content management system

27 April 2011:16:47

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New website for Sound Production Company

I am pleased to annouce that Gauge AV have requested me to develop Two new websites for them. Gauge AV specialise in supplying bespoke audio solutions to productions of any size and have been supplying AV systems for twenty-two years with clients as diverse as The Who and Bryan Adams, Intel, Microsoft and The Royal National Theatre.

04 January 2011:15:37

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New UntiedShoes website design and development

Well, I've been blogging about everything else, and I've completely forgotten about my own site!

21 October 2010:19:44

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So, How Much Should Web Design Cost?

On a daily basis I get asked many various questions, but obviously the most frequent question is "how much will a website cost me?". This in general is a difficult question to answer, as most projects vary from client to client. If you search "web design uk" in Google you’ll no doubt see sponsored links for companies offering "Amazing Web Design From £199", and "Modern, Professional Websites from £69.00, Ready in 48 Hours."

15 October 2010:14:45

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LR8 | The Official Drink of Lotus Racing

After putting in a long week, and a final 24hr stint over the Saturday/Sunday bank holiday, we eventually managed to get our new client's (LR8) website live for the Malaysian Grand Prix. We are extremely proud to be associated with our new client.

12 September 2010:17:23

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Your first website. A touch of help!

I pride myself on the help and advice offered to clients. I am on hand from the very beginning to get your project off to a flying start, but it is still important for you to create a brief pinpointing exactly what it is you want the project to achieve.

10 September 2010:17:19

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How can I sell our goods & services online?

This FAQ aims to cover the some of the issues involved in selling goods and services online (eCommerce).

04 August 2010:12:13

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