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Content Management Systems allow the user to change the content of their website, as and when they wish..

Successful websites are often those that are regularly updated. Content Management Systems are ‘back office’ applications that allow you to directly update and maintain your site, quickly and easily, eliminating the need to return to a web developer each time you want to make a change.

The facilities provided by a Content Management System range from the ability to update specific areas of the site such as news, events, downloadable reports, e-commerce product information and so on through to advanced systems that manage every aspect of the site.

Content Management Systems, whether large or small, all have the same basic functionality; They give you the ability to update the content (i.e. Text, images etc) of your website. The basic idea is that you log in to the administration area using a secure password, select the section you wish to update, make the changes then click save... your changes are instant, and immediately viewable on your website. Simply put, your system can do whatever you want it to, from the simplex, to the most complex content management systems.

Content Management System Benefits
All text editable using an intuitive "Word" style WYSIWYG editor allowing even non-technical users to author and manage HTML content as easily as writing a document
Content categorised by area, such as news, events, products and services. Categories are accessible through a user friendly menu system
Quick, efficient, easy
No technical knowledge or programming required
Secure user login facility, ensuring your content is safe and can only be accessed by authorised parties
You don't need specialised software to update your website.
Quick, efficient, easy
Use your own staff
Use your own graphics, text and colours
You can update your own website from anywhere in the world using the internet with a standard web browser
Keep your site fresh and up-to-date.

Every Content management system I develop is tailored to the specific needs of the individual site/client and can include functionality such as image upload with automatic resizing, video uploads and document attachments such as PDFs and Word Documents. To provide the most appropriate solution, all projects are developed through careful planning and customisation.

All of my websites, including my eCommerce websites are designed from the ground up to be as search engine friendly as possible.


What can be done with it?
Add, edit & delete pages.
Unlimited pages, and unlimited page hierarchy
Add, edit & delete news articles
Add, edit & delete testimonials
Complete product listings, including categories & sub categories
Uploaded media, including images, video and documents
Reference / tag uploaded media on all pages
Add, edit & delete staff details
Create gallery lists and associated images. Call these galleries in all pages
Add, edit and delete header sections, including scrolling images/text
Complete control over site settings including email, contact details, page SEO details (meta tags)

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