Search Engine Optimisation Newcastle

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of creating or modifying a web site so that it can be properly read and indexed by search engines. A website that's optimised for search engines can reap huge benefits on to your website and your business.

Search engines can often turn a blind eye to what you might think are some of the web's most attractive pages. Just think of the tools many web designers use to make web pages exciting. Great illustrations, Stunning photos, Animation; Place them all onto your page and the world's most important search engine 'spiders' might well crawl right past.

Having spent hundreds of hours researching and understanding search engines and continually reviewing search engines to determine whether their functionality has changed, I can provide proven search engine optimisation results using only ethical techniques.

By developing a website from the initial designs, right through to actual coding of the website, whether that be an eCommerce web site design, content managed website, or static brochure website, I can ensure your website is as visible as possible to all the search engines from the word go without having to resort to Unethical SEO practices such as Keyword Stuffing, Hidden Text or Links, Cloaking, Doorway Pages or Mirror Sites and Duplicate Content.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation provides numerous benefits including:

  1. Your website will be found – there is little point having an all singing all dancing website that nobody can find.
  2. A website that's designed and coded in such a way that its optimised for search engines is also optimised for your customers too, reaping huge benefits for your website and your business.
  3. Increase website visitors from targeted searches
  4. Attract visitors from all 3 major engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN, from your one campaign investment
  5. Don't pay per click - instead invest in a well built website with focused and optimised copy, and build links from other established websites and articles
  6. Long term benefit - when you add new content in the future, e.g. news stories, those pages can be found quickly by the search engines and gain new entries in the listings for no extra cost
  7. Online brand visibility - achieving high search positions is a well respected achievement, and being seen on page 1 places you as an industry leader

Structural and Semantic markup

By considering search engine optimisation when starting out on the design and coding process of any website, we can use a method of separation of content and presentation which makes the content represent a larger part of the total file size. We not only begin a design with SEO in mind, but also code the website in such a fashion that all of the relevant content is shown to the search engines 1st in the code, but through the use of CSS the user see's a different picture.. the way the website should look.

Combined with semantic markup this makes it easier for search engines like Google and Yahoo to index your page, and provide more accurate search results determined by the actual content on the page. Google and Yahoo both reward websites that are built using structural and semantic markup.

Foot Note:

SEO should never be an afterthought. Check with your agency/designer that your websites structure will be SEO friendly from the get go...

If you're looking for a Newcastle Search Engine Optimisation consultant (or any other area for that matter!), please do not hessitate in contacting me.